Catalyst is defined as…


Catalyst is defined as…

Catalyst is defined as “a person or thing that percipitates an event.” This is what coffee is. Coffee brings people together for conversation and community. Coffee gives us an excuse to come together and relate. It opens people up to honestly share life together. Our mission at Catalyst is to provide the best coffee for you so that you can cultivate your relationships with others. People gather together to meet over a cup of coffee. Coffee brings people together, unites them, and helps break the ice as we relate with one another.

The conversation, though, is only as good as the coffee. The better the coffee, the better the conversation. Great coffee is the Catalyst for great conversation.

We are a small coffee cart, offering our services to the greater Lansing area. We will be set up week days in the downtown district of Lansing. We cater and will set up for the big events around Lansing.

We set up downtown Lansing in the lobby of Capitol Tower: 110 W. Michigan Ave, Lansing MI.